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chelper is C/C++/ObjC headers converting to pascal utility.

Read more about it on freepascal wiki


Public Repository:


cconvert is a command-line utility that's used for parsing headers. It's designed to be a stand-alone parser. The converted should produce read-for-use pascal headers.

-defines - allows to add additional C-preprocess definitions. This is used to add additional defines that are defined outside of the converted the converted header. It's allowed to define multiple definition files. If two different definitions are sharing the same name, the later definition takes precedence.

It's quite common for a C library to have one base headers that's used to store definitions. The base header is (in)directly included by other headers of the library. Definitions declared in the base headers would be used by other headers of the library.

-configuration file represents pascal code generation settings. The format of the file is .ini file. Following sections and values are expected to be in the file.

Section [Main]

  • RecordsArePacked (0 / 1 default) - if set, the pascal code would explicitly set "packed" record for each C-struct defined